Marie-Thérèse et les Pays-Bas autrichiens :
la souveraineté à distance

Organizers and rights

Organizing committee: Valérie André (FNRS-ULB, ARB), Michèle Galand (ULB) and Isabelle Parmentier (UNamur).

Scientific Committee: Valérie André (FNRS-ULB, ARB), Olivier Damme (ARB), Michèle Galand (ULB), Marc Libert (AGR), Christophe Loir (ULB), Isabelle Parmentier (UNamur), Claude Sorgeloos (KBR).

Blog on web platorm “Hypothèses” and virtual exhibition available on the “Omeka” platform: Diane Delangre (UNamur), with the support of the ICT and digitizing services of the Moretus Plantin University Library (UNamur).

Photographic credits: This exhibition is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Belgium (ARB), the State Archives of Belgium (AGR-ARA), the Royal Library of Belgium (KBR), the Moretus Plantin University Library (UNamur) and the Free Brussels University (ULB).

Translation: Jean-Jacques De Gheyndt